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Planning a wedding is like taking a blank canvas and creating art on it. After many sessions of brainstorming and ideas galore, a picture slowly starts emerging and finally, we create a masterpiece with lots of vibrant colours and life infused in it.

As wedding planners

We traverse this interesting and epic journey with our clients all the way to the grand finale of the wedding. All the fine and essential ingredients are part of this heady mix as it translates into making the magical event a memorable time not just for the couple but for the families and friends as well.

The finer details, nuances and all that you ever dreamt of are part of this. We talk theme, décor, colours, entertainment, the look of the wedding, menu’s, beverages, welcome hampers, print material- the works. The journey is not easy. Discussions are innumerable, ideas endless. The blueprint called, “My Wedding” comes with its share of stressful and high pressure moments along with a buzz of activity and loads of strategy. Yet, the picture that finally emerges is truly captivating and magical. So, reach out “To We” and let the fantasy magnet of your wedding draw you to us to help plan it.