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Magnificent Britain

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Magnificent Britain

World-class theatre, historical treasures, state of the art architecture and the charming countryside is what makes Britain one of the most desirable destinations in the world. Explore the famous destinations of London on a hop-on-hop-off bus. Visit the city of Oxford, home to world-renowned universities and the beautiful Yorkshire with its fascinating villages.


Tower Bridge

Undoubtedly one of the city’s icons, this neo-Gothic bridge, green-blue in colour, making it stand out from the other buildings, was built in 1894. Its famous lifting mechanism operates several times a week so boats can pass through.

Big Ben

This is one of London’s true icons. Although it is generally known as Big Ben, the official name since 2012 is the Elizabeth Tower, because in actual fact Big Ben is the bell inside the tower. You should try to look at this building at night when the four clock faces light up and you can see a different version of Parliament. When there are Parliamentary sessions, a small light goes on underneath the four faces.

Carnaby Street

Few places have withstood the passing of time as well as Carnaby Street. The cradle of independent fashion in the 1960s still delivers the most alternative designers half a century later. Lazy Oaf is a brand that has been paying homage to graphic illustration since 2001. When you enter this boutique you are exposed to a blend of clothing and humour, and you might leave wearing trousers with a cactus or lobster print.


This small, attractive city is characterised by its bridges, canals, university atmosphere and natural environment. The University of Cambridge dates from the 13th century and it is recognised throughout Europe for its academic excellence. Besides its architecture, you can enjoy the nightlife and ambience. This is the home of King’s College, Wren Library at Trinity College and the Mathematical bridge, which has nothing to do with Isaac Newton, despite what the guides say.

Westminster Abbey

Founded in 960, this is the largest Anglican church in the world. The building exceeds any expectations, so it is well worth queueing and paying the entrance price for. Royal weddings and funerals take place here, and since William the Conqueror was crowned here in 1066, it has been the setting for royal coronations.

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Magnificent Britain

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