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Enchanting Vienna And Salzburg

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Enchanting Vienna And Salzburg

Full of imperial history, Vienna is a destination that will leave you enchanted forever once you visit it. This Austria holiday, explore the City of Music, go around the place and visit its palaces, museums and shopping hubs. You will also get the chance to discover Salzburg a visit where you will get to enjoy on a hop on hop off tour and witness the beauty of its lakes and mountains. This Europe holiday with TUI India, discover Austria in the best way.



It was in 1857 when the Emperor Franz Josef I of Austria decided to tear down the wall protecting the city and build a wide, elegant boulevard 5.3 kilometres long. A variety of artistic and architectural styles were used to construct the boulevard around the centre of the city that have lasted to the present day. Some of the most important buildings in the city are located here: the Town Hall, Parliament, National State Opera, Burgtheater...


It’s the oldest, has the most monuments, was the first public park to be opened and, in addition, is home of one of the most photographed monuments in the world, the statue of Johann Strauss. And if that were not enough, its location is unbeatable, just minutes from the Vienna State Opera. The only drawback vanished in 1956: until then, visitors had to pay to sit on the benches.

Schönbrunn Zoo

It was opened in 1752 as a Menagerie by Emperor Franz I, making it the oldest zoo in the world. At first, visiting was reserved for the nobility, although in 1778 it was opened to the “decently dressed” public, but only on Sundays. Fortunately, today it is open every day and welcomes anyone who wants to see the 8,500 animals that live in this historical place.

Fuschl Lake

This is one of Salzburgers’ favourite holiday destinations in the summer, with its inviting, clear waters just perfect for bathing. There are several bathing areas, like Stöllinger beach, where sand is replaced by green meadows reaching down to the water’s edge. With views of the Austrian mountains, or Wesenauer, it’s just ten minutes’ walk from the centre of Fuschl am See. Scattered around the lake are hotel resorts, hiking trails and a dozen golf courses.


Close to 20,000 pedestrians cross the Makart Bridge every day to get from one side of the river Salzach to the other. The current bridge is the third version, opened in 2000 amid a huge festival, almost a century after the first. Its name pays homage to the Austrian painter Hans Makart, known for his contributions to the Viennese Ringstrasse. Today, lovers leave padlocks as a symbol of their love.

Panorama Museum

Johann Muchael Sattler’s cyclorama is the star of this museum that showcases 19th-century Salzburg. The painting, measuring 26 metres long and 5 metres wide is exhibited circumferentially to be viewed from the centre of the room. The museum provides telescopes so visitors can see even the smallest details. Sattler’s painting of a sunny, autumn afternoon is so realistic it’s like taking a journey into the past.

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Enchanting Vienna And Salzburg

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