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Best Spain and Portugal

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Best Spain and Portugal

Gorgeous Spain
The land of Matadors and bullfights awaits you and we at TUI will make sure that you have the best experience there. You will visit the beautiful cities of Barcelona and Madrid where you will see some classy monuments and indulge yourself in Spain’s history.

Famous for its wine, Portugal is one of the top holiday destinations in the world. You will visit the capital city, Lisbon and get a true Portuguese vacation. Apart from its history and architecture, you will also get to experience a Fado show.


Boating In The Retiro

Hidden in the 125-hectare oasis of peace and quiet that is the Retiro Park, in the heart of the city, is an ornamental lake. Dominated by the grandiose monument to Alfonso XII, whose staircase is protected by four lions, see if you can find the bronze mermaids. The lake was the setting for opera and naval battle performances for the royal court.

Barri Gòtic

This eclectic part of Barcelona is known for monuments and historical vestiges from very different periods, so you have to be careful not to miss anything. The centre of the ancient Roman city, among its narrow, winding streets are remnants of a past that fit remarkably well into a 21st century city.

Barcelona Cathedral

Right in the heart of the city, the construction of the Catedral Basílica de Barcelona began in the late 13th century and took 150 years to finish. A mute witness to the passing of time, the temple shows the influences of several periods and its 70 metre dome is a landmark that attracts both devotees and sightseers alike.

Font Màgica

The Montjuïc mountain has many attractions, among them the Magic Fountain, a monument designed by Carles Buïgas that surprises with its gorgeous water displays. Jets spurt out 2,600 litres of water per second in a dance that moves to the rhythm of the music, producing a performance with countless choreographies. At sunset the fountain really comes into its own when 4,760 lightbulbs fill the Barcelona night with colour and fantasy.

El Tibidabo

One of the oldest in the world, this amusement park is emblematic of Barcelona and has entertained generations of children and adults with the latest technological developments in matters of fun. Tibidabo Skywalk affords some of the best views of Barcelona, at 500 metres above the ground.

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Best Spain and Portugal

Apart from its history and architecture, you will also get to experience a Fado show.

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