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Useful Information

Time Zone

Local time in Venice is GMT+1 during the summer and GMT+2 in the winter months.


The official language is Italian, although Venetian is also spoken. English is usually spoken in hotels, restaurants and tourist places.

Islands and Bridges

To get an idea of what it’s like to visit Venice, tourists should know that the city (including Murano and Burano) consists of 118 tiny islands joined by 455 bridges.

Health Assistance

European citizens can enjoy full health assistance free of charge when they carry their European Health Card. Tourists of other nationalities are advised to purchase medical insurance.

Plugs and Voltage

Plugs are round and two-pin just like countries such as Spain, France and Belgium. The voltage is 220V.

Restaurant Hours

The usual hours in Italy are from 12:30 to 14:30 for lunch and 19:30 to 21:30 for dinner, but since Venice is such a tourist trap, the restaurants often extend opening hours.


Flooding in Venice is more common in spring and autumn. The phenomenon, called acqua alta or high water, occurs several hundred times a year and is resolved by the use of elevated walkways for pedestrian traffic.

Tourism Offices

There are more than a dozen tourism offices, located in strategic points like the Marco Polo airport and Piazzale Roma. The telephone number is +39 0415 415 887 (calling from outside Italy).

Important Numbers

The prefix for Italy is +39, and for Venice, 041. The police and Carabinieri are 113 and 112, respectively, and first aid is 118.

Transportation Prices

A ticket for the vaporetto costs around 8€, while a gondola will set you back 80€ for a half-hour trip. The traghetto, which is a kind of giant gondola used to cross the Grand Canal, costs 0.5€.