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Frequently Asked Questions

What documentation do I need to travel to Venice?

Citizens of the European Union can travel to Venice with just their identity document. Citizens of other countries may require a visa. You can find out here:

How can I get to Venice?

Venice has two nearby airports: Marco Polo, the main one which most airlines use, and Treviso, preferred by low cost airlines. You can also take the train into Santa Lucía station.

What transport connects the airports with the centre?

By land, both airports have urban and shuttle (faster and more expensive) buses that go to the Piazzale Roma, close to the centre. By sea, you can take a water taxi or water bus, more economical than the first.

When is the best time to travel?

The best time to travel is the summer; hot, but milder and more pleasant than other places in Italy. Winters are cold and spring and autumn often bring heavy rain.

How can I get around the city?

The best way to see Venice is on foot: every street is a small work of architectural art. However, to save energy you can also take the vaporetto, much more practical and cheaper than the famous gondolas.

What are the best areas for accommodation?

The San Marco district is the best option, although it’s also the most expensive. In general, sleeping on the island itself is good choice. If you are looking for something less expensive, the hotels in Lido or Mestre are much more reasonable.

Is Venice suitable for people with disabilities?

Venice provides impaired mobility travellers with a disabled access map and keys to activate the lift mechanisms on the bridges. Even so, the narrow streets and uneven pavement may make it hard to get around.

Is Venice a safe city?

Venice is one of the safest cities in Italy. Nevertheless, given its eminently touristy nature, it is not exempt from the risk of petty theft and pickpockets, so its advisable to take precautions in crowded places.

Do restaurants include a service charge?

It is very common in Venice for restaurants to add a service charge (around 10%) and cover (approximately 2€) to the bill. It’s advisable to clarify the charges before sitting down to eat.

What are the opening hours of tourist sites?

Most monuments and places of interest in Venice open around 09:00 and close between 17:00 and 20:00, depending on the time of year.