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The force is with Disneyland Paris

Entrance to Walt Disney Studios in Disneyland Paris
Phantom Manor ride in Frontierland, Disneyland Paris
Jedi Academy in Disneyland Paris
Main Street in Disneyland Paris
Pirate ship in Disneyland Paris

Once upon a time there was a storyteller that imagined a magic kingdom where stories come to life; he called it Disneyland. Films and present-day stories have inspired several new additions, among them the Jedi Training Academy and the Frozen Sing-Along show.
The Disneyland Paris theme park opened in Marne-la-Vallée in the outskirts of Paris on 12 April 1992. Since then, it has constantly been updated so that visiting the park isn’t a once-in-a-lifetime option. The design of the attractions and the entertainment programme ensure that you can enjoy the park when you are a teenager with your friends and also when you revisit it with children of your own. One of its merits is that it manages to make everyone believe in the fantasy that Disney is so great at creating.

The original park keeps the charm of the Disney classics—Pinocchio, Peter Pan and Sleeping Beauty—in the Fantasyland area, and it provides not-to-be-missed attractions, such as the Big Thunder Mountain runaway mine train in Frontierland, the area dedicated to the American Old West; the Indiana Jones rollercoaster in Adventureland; and discovering the interior of Captain Nemo’s Nautilus in Discoveryland, the area dedicated to space and science. Don’t miss Main Street USA, with its stores inspired by an American town in the early 20th century.

The two most important additions to the park attractions this season are inspired by two film successes. Fans of the Star Wars saga can alleviate the wait for the screening of the next episode after the massively popular “The Force Awakens”, by training to become a Jedi Knight in the Jedi Training Academy, the first one in Europe. Here padawans will face Darth Vader himself with the help of R2-D2. And the audience of the Frozen Sing-Along show can remind themselves of the songs from the latest animated Disney success, such as “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” or “Let it Go”, by singing along with the residents of the Nordic kingdom of Arendelle.

Walt Disney was a pioneer, not just as the creator of the concept of the theme park as we know it today, but also in taking animation to the cinema in a feature-film format. It’s not surprising that these movie successes not only inspired the attractions, but also gave rise to another park next to the first: Walt Disney Studios. It was designed to take you behind the scenes and show you the most spectacular film moments, from car chases to the acrobatic flights of Spiderman, or making you feel like you are the rat star of Ratatouille in a 4D attraction.

Alongside these attractions for people of all ages, you can enjoy shows and parades to round off your magical experience. The Disney Magic on Parade! includes classic characters from Alice in Wonderland, among many others, dancing to the rhythm of entertaining music, while the Disney Dreams! night-time light and music show makes visitors feel as if they were immersed in the first scene of all Disney films with fireworks above Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.

But since the imagination of the park’s managers knows no bounds, they are already planning new activities, for example the first runners' weekend special, to be held from 23 to 25 September 2016, and whose scheduled events include a half marathon around the facilities of the Parisian Park, with Donald and Goofy on hand to encourage the runners on their journey through fantasy. The youngest or least experienced runners can also sign up for less ambitious runs, for example the 5K or children’s races. But what’s important is that the wish we have made upon a star comes true thanks to Disney’s Magic. And don't forget to take back a T-shirt as a souvenir!

Magical nights

At Disneyland you can stay in themed hotels in the park, as you would expect. There are cabins at the Davy Crockett Ranch set in a forest, the Hotel Cheyenne, inspired by Old West buildings, the New England style Newport Bay Club resort, the Victorian Disneyland Hotel palace and the Sequoia Lodge, among other accommodation options, renovated in 2011. The excitement of being in another era, city or world starts as soon as you open your eyes, especially if Mickey Mouse is having breakfast with you.

Why don’t you arrive at the park by boat?

Disney has its own line of cruisers, painted with Mickey Mouse’s colours, and with four captains besides the captain of the boat: Captain Mickey, Captain Hook, Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain America. The Disney Cruise Line boats sail throughout the world and Le Havre is one of their stops, so you can enhance your Disney experience by visiting Disneyland Paris. They also provide both children and parents with an opportunity to enjoy shows and visits designed especially for them while they sail along the Mediterranean or northern Europe coasts.

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