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68 Champs-Élysées: where beauty and food merge together

Facade of Maison Guerlain
Inside Maison Guerlain
The Hall of Mirrors in Maison Guerlain

La Maison Guerlain was established on the Champs-Élysées in Paris over 100 years ago and it remains a cult place for beauty lovers.
The Guerlain brand was founded in 1828, when Pierre-Francois Pascal decided to set up shop himself after being rejected by a department store. He hired the best architects and designers of the age to help him create unique establishments in the best areas: Rue de la Paix, Place Vendôme, Champs-Élysées… but all under the same Guerlain boutique concept, whose style has remained unchanged since then. Each store was designed to provide an experience that becomes an immersion in the Guerlain universe: an attentive welcome, elegant design, delicate materials and details from bygone ages. A setting that invites you to feel at home, to breathe in the aromas, look around, relax and be won over and surprised.

The Guerlains, always passionate about art, have rubbed shoulders with many of the greatest avant-garde artists of their time, always seeking a comprehensive culture of beauty. For them, every product and every shop is an opportunity to give customers a feeling of pleasure in a way that transcends mere need and functionality. The bottles and cases of their exceptional formulas are created by great designers, and they use illustrators for their graphics and architects for their spaces, delighting in the most audacious creations. The names of Baccarat and Pochet are as closely linked to their perfumes as the perfumers, currently led by Thierry Wasser.

In 2013, La Maison commissioned the US architect Peter Marino to renovate the famous boutique at 68 Champs-Élysées. Marino created a museum dedicated to the Guerlain house, whose concept of beauty covers cosmetics, perfumes and also food—we would expect nothing else being in Paris. The size of the space has doubled since that historic boutique, but the Art Nouveau elements in the interior have been preserved, as has the décor incorporated in the last century in the building designed by Charles Mewès, who was also the architect of the iconic Ritz Hotel.

The new boutique, opened in 2014, exudes luxury from the front door onwards. Lined with white marble, the entrance forms a light-well containing a floating installation of bees, one of the brand’s emblems since 1853, when it was designed by Gérard Cholot. Perfumes predominate in the main room, which is joined to the historic part. Other striking features are the gilt sun figure, a symbol of the brand’s distinction and image, four Baccarat crystal chandeliers, reminding us of the bottles of Guerlain’s most mythical fragrances, and a polished metal ceiling that reproduces the movement of waves.

The room dedicated exclusively to perfumes is accompanied by another, this one decorated with mirrors, where homage is paid to the world of make-up and where some large glass eyes seem to follow you around the room. And a space on the lower floor, set aside for exclusive creations, brings together objects to gift or collect, such as books, postcards, candles and the perfume that pays homage to the boutique, L’Eau de Parfum du 68. Don’t miss the hall of mirrors, similar to the style of Versailles, where items of Guerlain’s artistic heritage are on display and you can enjoy another of the house’s standards, its personalised treatment, and even create your own fragrance.

The Guerlain flagship store in Paris has become a trove of curiosities that seeks to captivate with its ever-more daring creations: scented gloves and silk scarves; Les Délices du 68, an exclusive range of teas and honey; and some re-editions of mythical creations, such as Ladies In All Climates face powder and the collector’s edition of Rouge G lipstick #68.

Le 68 Guy Martin

The Guerlain Boutique in the Champs-Élysées cannot be understood without Le 68, a restaurant with an exclusive tasting menu designed by Guy Martin, a chef with one Michelin star, together with Thierry Wasser, the firm’s essential nose. The dishes created by the chef of Le Grand Véfour restaurant are inspired by the brand’s fragrances. Jasmine, bergamot and vanilla are some of the essences that come to life in the kitchen, with dishes such as foie gras puff pastry with Madagascar vanilla, cod with a little black liquorice dress and asparagus with orange foam and orange blossom.

The Institut Guerlain

The boutique would not be complete without the Institut Guerlain. Since 1939 it has been providing specialised beauty treatments to complement the sensorial experience on offer in the spa. Decorated with a winter garden full of orchids, the renovated space offers a constantly updated catalogue of treatments, with the focus on giving you the personal touch. The manual face massage and Actilift method based on ultrasound technology - techniques exclusive to the firm - are perfect for restoring radiance to any woman’s skin and give every customer a perfect alchemy between beauty and pleasure.

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